Jake James

Finally Choosing a Personal Website Platform

I started with Squarespace, but something about the blogging part didn't quite do it for me.

Then I moved on to Ghost. Loved the blogging editor, but to change the theme around, I'd have to either self-host it and lose all email functionality, or pony up $35/month to use Mailgun. Or, I could just pay $25/month and host the site on Ghost Pro's 2nd tier. Not terribly expensive, but too much for a simple personal website.

So then, I considered setting up my own virtual private server and building a website from scratch using Django and some basic html, css, and js, but then I'd have to figure out a good way to set up a blog.

I ran across Bear and am now just figuring this seems like a cool project and I'd be happy to be a part of this place, so let's give this a shot. I really like the editor and the simplicity of setting up new pages. It looks like I can even dig into my web pages and make some changes to the templates if I want.