Jake James

Longer Intro

The world is an amazing place. It’s my hope that during my time here, I do my part to help make it a tiny bit better.

Work Experience

snowboard instructor —> bartender —> fusion engineering research —> startup tech manager —> nuclear submarine officer —> technical program manager at algorithmic trading firm —> commercial real estate

Where I've Lived

Los Angeles —> Mammoth Lakes —> Boulder —> San Diego —> Seattle —> Charleston —> Honolulu —> Singapore —> Austin —> Washington D.C.


1998-1999: Snowboard Instructor (Mammoth Mountain)

1999-2001: School and Personal Development (Southern California)

2001 - 2004: CU Boulder, Aerospace Engineering and Astrophysics (Boulder, Colorado)

2004-2006: UC San Diego, Engineering Physics Graduate Program (San Diego, California)

2006-2008: Dinerware, Service and Support Manager (Seattle, Washington)

2008 - 2014: US Navy, Submarine Warfare Officer (Charleston, South Carolina —> Honolulu, Hawaii)

Officer Candidate School in Rhode Island —> Nuclear Propulsion School in Charleston, South Carolina —> Stationed in Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, Hawaii

2014 - Present: Global Trading Firm, Senior Technical Program Manager (New York —> Singapore —> Austin, TX —> Washington, D.C.)

And here we are today. Hi! You read all this? Thanks, I’m super impressed, you’re awesome.

What's Up with All the Places You've Lived and that Career Path?

I turned this section into a blog post