Jake James

Am I Making the Right Move?

There seems to be seeds of doubt in any big decision, but usually there's a clear inclination towards the side you're leaning on. But sometimes, there's not.

Sometimes you have a decision that looks good on paper, but something in your gut is saying no, but you have no idea why. In my experience, its best to listen to your gut. If you don't, the "why" ends up showing up later on down the line, too late for you to do anything about it. Now, you either have to stay the course, or make a drastic, painful, change. Why does an opportunity seem to make so much sense rationally, yet end up giving huge signs of doubt? I think there's an unconscious awareness within us that picks up on things that we either can't verbalize or aren't able to see the deep implication of making that decision. That's where the "gut" comes in.

It's telling you, something just ain't right. I can't tell you exactly what that something is, but it's there, and you should listen to me. The problem is, it's easy to classify that gut feeling as nerves, or indecisiveness. So you say to yourself, I'm going to get over my fear and be decisive, so you go for it. Later, you learn you weren't afraid, you weren't being indecisive, it was your gut warning you of the problem that is now facing you.

There are methods you can use to make that decision and rationalize things away with logic, such as making pros and cons lists, or some other analysis. A lot of times those can help. But, when you have that "gut" feeling hovering around you, it can really throw a wrench in the gears. Especially if you've dismissed that feeling before. If you've been burned by not listening to your gut before, dealt with the outcome, have moved on, and are now onto another big decision and getting that same feeling again, watch out.