Jake James

Acting Goofy

Whenever I'm with my daughter, I try to make sure that I don't hold back and show her that it's ok to be goofy and not be self-conscious in front of other people. In public, I can be a little shy, reserved, and socially awkward. So, when I'm with her, I really put in the effort not to be. This may be by dancing with her to Kidz Bops videos, singing, and other things that I do embarrassingly poorly at. But, when I'm with her, I make sure to just do these things and not be embarrassed. I want her to feel comfortable in her own skin and know that it's ok to act goofy (within reason and respect of course).

When I'm alone, or with just a few people I'm very close to, I can tend to do pretty goofy things, which we usually find hysterical. Whether it's chatting in dialogue from the perspective and voice of my bulldog, or making dead-faced quips, or whatever. There are times where I think listening and watching to old Adam Sandler material when I was younger had this effect on me, or if I just naturally did the same sort of things you would see in Billy Madison. My guess is it's a little bit of both, and likely the same with tons of other people, which is probably why his humor hits with a lot of people. Probably how it goes with a lot of comedians.